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I am a candidate for the office of FMCA National Treasurer

Frank & Sandy Taber

I am enlisting your support for the office of FMCA National Treasurer at the upcoming election in 2017 at the Indianapolis International Convention.

My 40 year’s finance experience in the aero-space industry provides the framework for my qualifications for this position. The office of Treasurer has foremost the fiduciary responsibility to the membership and to ensure that all government required reporting is accomplished in a timely fashion. As a member of the National FMCA Finance Committee and the National FMCA Audit committee, I have had an opportunity to work with the FMCA finance department and was a part of the hiring process of a new Audit company. I am confident that any elected National Treasurer will find that the FMCA office is meeting all general accepted practices and the fiduciary responsibility is intact.


Although, I have managed all of the financial disciplines, the one that puts me to the “head of the class” in this election is my expertise in the “Cost Management” discipline. I believe that all costs should add value to the bottom line. I will focus on reducing cost and not increasing revenue. It is all too often that we jump to raising revenue (dues) instead of achieving the same objective by eliminating non-value added cost. The inclusion of the outstanding “Assist Program” (without raising dues) and the slow effect on the increase of membership that is required to support this program mandates a review of all FMCA costs to ensure that value is added regardless of how it has been viewed in the past. I will reach out to the membership to receive input on the value of cost items that have been repeated year over year.

My employer recognized my expertise in Cost Management and sent me to all locations of our company to implement good business practices to improve the bottom line. Although my home base was Tulsa, OK, I was sent to Melbourne and Sydney Australia, Oak Ridge Tennessee, Salt Lake City Utah, Prestwick Scotland and other locations that fell under the umbrella of the Tulsa Business area of responsibility. I was an “Asset Management” leader and part of the corporate asset management team in El Segundo, California.

This is an opportune time to focus on cost reductions because change is required and the hurdle of getting change past a tenured Executive Director can be difficult. That obstacle had been removed.

I believe that value to the membership is paramount and that I can significantly make a path to that objective.

Candidate for FMCA National Treasurer